Professor Michael Depledge

Prof. Depledge is interested in all aspects of biology, but especially the ways in which anthropogenic activities affect the environment and human health. The ecotoxicological research he conducted has focused on the effects of environmental pollutants on the physiology and behaviour of marine invertebrates and subsequent ecological and evolutionary consequences. He has a particular interest in biomarkers that allow changes in the health and physiological status of organisms to be monitored over time.

Another aspect of his work has been to look at how environmental change impacts the health and wellbeing of humans. For many years he has been exploring how to use research findings in a constructive way to influence the development of new policies. This has now become his primary objective.

Professor Depledge’s role in the University of Exeter Medical School has been to establish and foster the development of the Environment and Human Health research area and to serve as an ambassador both for the medical school and the University of Exeter as a whole. He is involved in fund raising and in the international work of the University. He is also very active in leading the development of new research themes within the university.