Professor Manuela Barreto

Manuela Barreto is a Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter. Manuela studied Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Porto, Portugal and obtained her PhD in Social Psychology in 2000 from the Free University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Manuela leads the University of Exeter‘s Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) strategy theme on “Societal and Lifestyle Shifts” and is part of the University‘s Athena Swan Working Group.

Manuela’s expertise and research interests are on social identity processes, belongingness, exclusion, and disadvantage with a strong focus on motivation and social behaviour among a variety of disadvantaged groups, such as ethnic minorities, women, sexual minorities, people with a history of mental illness, and individuals with a facial disfigurement. She researches a variety of topics in this area, ranging from the social and psychological antecedents of social engagement and disengagement; the impact of stereotypes and discrimination on social behaviour, motivation, health, and well-being; and the costs and benefits of complaining about discrimination and sexual harassment.